Friday, October 2, 2009


It’s October and this month is little bitter sweet for me. I was born on 20th of this month, that’s the good part of it. When I was young I used to wait for this day because I would get lots and lots of gifts and sometimes money.

We are six siblings and I am the only one who was born in October. My other siblings are all born in Jun and July.

Another person who was also born in this month was my father. He was born on 2nd of this month. He is no longer in this world and today is his birthday. I am sad and missing him a lot. In fact with time I have realized that I miss him more than when he was alive. He died two years ago and feels like centuries since the time I have seen him or heard his voice.
That’s about it!!!!


  1. I lost my dad when I was 16 - a long time ago now. I decided to get married on his birthday to make the day a happy time again and be able to again celebrate the day.


  2. Awww...happy birthday! That's so sweet and sad.

  3. I'm hoping you have good memories of his past birthdays and always remember the good times. {{{hugs}}}

  4. My daughter was born Oct 6th, so it is happy month for us. But isn't it the best thing to remember a person in such a good way. I like the thought that all our passed away relatives and friends smile when I think of them.