Sunday, August 23, 2009


I love to paint. I painted this painting getting inspired by famous female painter Georgia O' Keeffe. I used oil color to paint this blossoming flower. What inspired me to paint this painting is it's rich colors: red, yellow, purple and orange. I like to mix my own colors instead of buying them, for example I always have primary colors, and yellow colors available. It all depends on the mood of painting that it is hot colors or cold colors, and then I mix them up according to that. Sometimes I have to mix up three to four colors to achieve the right color, richness, temperature, and textures.


This a acrylic painting. I used rich red, blue and yellows colors to bring passion in the painting.
Two passionate people need to be around passionate atmosphere. My husband loves this painting as it is hanging in our living room.


These cushions are made out of vintage Chinese silk. I had it for long time so I decided to make cushions out of it. Next to them is very nice vintage scarf-spread.
I like to reused things instead of throwing them away.